“Man should tremble, the world should quake,
all Heaven should be deeply moved when
the Son of God appears on the altar
in the hands of the priest.”

-St. Francis of Assisi

The liturgy committee was formed in the year 2016 under the leadership of Fr. Malcolm Sequeira and his assistant Fr. Vivek Salve. The current liturgy committee is made up of 10 members, representing both the Marathi and English congregation along with representatives from the youth, choir and audio visual media.

The members of the liturgy committee coordinate the various Eucharistic celebrations and liturgical services of the church and ensure that they run smoothly. One of the main achievements of this committee has been to get the Lectors and Readers organised. Induction of Lectors was done and training was conducted to ensure the reading of the Word of God is done in a proper and effective way.

The main responsibilities of the Committee are:

1. To prepare Sunday liturgy for both ordinary time and special celebrations according to the Liturgical Calendar.
2. To make sure that lectors are assigned to various Masses, their reading practice is taken and also makes note that sufficient liturgical ministers are present for each mass.
3. Conducts suitable training for liturgical ministers including lectors, ushers, choir, media team etc.
4. To make sure that appropriate hymns are selected for the Mass.

The liturgy committee has its regular monthly meetings.